Custodial Bank Safe Keeping Receipt (CSKR/SKR)



You can pay the full cost (minus due-diligence, account opening fees or any insurance cost if required) 6 (SIX) months after the issuing date of the SKR!!!

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What is an SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt)?

Safe Keeping Receipt’s, or SKR’s, are bank instruments that are on the rise as collateral for alternative financing. A SKR is a financial instrument that is issued by a safe keeping facility, bank or storage house. In storage, assets or other valuables are in a safe, secured and protected area. The issuer of the SKR takes the responsibility of being the legally responsible custodian. Check with your institution or safe keeping storage facility as some require fees for these services.

Examples of asset skr’s that can be monetized:

• Fur SKR
• Collectible Art SKR
• Gold SKR
• Above Ground Assets SKR
• Commercial Property SKR
• Antiques SKR
• Valuable Documents SKR
• Precious Metals or Gems SKR

• Bond SKR

The issuer of the SKR is not the legal owner and therefore, must return the asset to the owner upon request. Who can obtain an SKR? Individuals, corporations, companies, organizations and trusts to name a few. The owner of an SKR may monetize this instrument much like an SBLC, LC, Bond or BG and use these funds as an alternative funding source for projects. Most issued SKR are capable of SWIFT transfers however, some may require an additional MT 760 simultaneous to the transfer of funds in the transaction.

Monetizing and SKR is the process of converting the financial instrument into a legal tender transaction. Depending upon the monetizing bank, certain additional conditions may apply. For instance, is the asset free and clear, meaning; is the title free and clear listed on the SKR? Aside from the validity of the SKR, free title is the single most important aspect of monetizing. The next important aspect is the capability of a SWIFT MT 760. Once monetized usually for a term of 1 year and 1 day unless otherwise agreed upon, the safe keeping receipt is then completed to the originating issuer.

With these very crucial points in place, monetizing your safe keeping receipt can be a safe transaction because in most circumstances, you don’t move your asset or give up control. Any fees associated with monetizing your SKR should be paid out of proceeds and not upfront. For many reasons, you should never make arrangement to SWIFT or transfer your SKR to any one or company without first having a contract in place or knowing the company you are dealing with. Monetizing your SKR can be a solution to alternative conventional financing.

Client Deposits are 100% Protected with 2 Levels of Protection

We value our relationships with our clients so much that ALL CLIENT DEPOSITS receive 2 Tiers of Protection which are:

  1. Two Percent (2%) Non Performance Penalty
  2. Deposit Refund Protection Program (all of our agreement’s are bank endorsed).
    • When a bank endorsed an agreement, the bank become responsible for all payment and guaranteed the full transaction.

The Deposit Refund Protection Program Guarantees clients Deposits are 100% Safe.

14 Massive Advantages when Buying a Safe Keeping Receipt’s (SKR) from us!

  1. Program operated with Safe Keeping Receipt’s from Small Banks
  2. Safe Keeping Receipt’s are available in both USD or Euro Currencies, pay in USD we Issue in USD, Pay in Euro, we issue in Euro
  3. Low SKR Rate of 6+2 (8% Total)
  4. 6 Month to Complete banking fees Full Payment after issuing date of the SKR.
  5. SKR can be SWIFT MT542 to any bank in the world.
  6. Your Deposit are 100% Protected (all of our agreement’s are bank endorsed).
  7. No Personal or Corporate Credit Checks
  8. No Project Documentation Required
  9. LOI Signed within 24 Hours of being completed and returned to us
  10. Simple Delivery of MT542 direct to your Bank.
  11. Up to 2.5% Commission Paid to Brokers
  12. All SKR are Fresh Cut specifically for each Client
  13. 2% Non-Performance Penalty in All agreements
  14. Your Deposit is 100% Protected, Provider Bank Endorsed the agreement ensuring the Clients payment.

SKR Deposit Requirements: 

  • 5M   to 50B SKR – $250,000 (deposit is use for due-diligence, bank account opening and it is not refundable).

Prices in USD


Estimated Completion Time:

  •  7 Days after receiving compliance documents.

Brokers & Consultants:

  • Always 100% Protected & Respected
  • Healthy Commissions Paid
  • Be Direct to the Finance Source, NOT in a Broker Chain!