Leased Bank Proof of Funds (POF)

Leased Bank Proof of Funds (POF)

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Bank Proof of Funds (POF) can be used for a whole variety of purposes. They are used in trade finance, global finance, project finance, credit enhancement, and so on. Getting access to these cash accounts is another matter. In today’s financial climate it is near impossible for small to medium businesses to get access to large investor cash funds needed in transactions requiring an POF.

There is another way: Leased POF. Most persons at financial institutions do not understand the nature of leased bank instruments. However, banking institutions utilize the principles of financial asset leasing quite frequently and have for some time.

The concept is simple. Gain access to another party’s cash-backed leased POF for a fee or other consideration for a set term. Once the term is up the account is either returned to the original asset holder or it is extended for another term.

Either the asset holder does a joint ownership with the borrower, or the instrument is transferred in ownership outright during the leased POF term. This way there is no issue with the ownership of the account.

During the term of the leased POF, the bank asset is made available with all the same rights of an account holder. For all legal purposes intended, the new owner may be allowed to lien, encumber, monetize, collateralize, and use the cash account as security.

Leased Bank Proof of Funds (POF)

Through our strategic partnerships with several Top Institutions, we are pleased to offer the capability to establish a Proof of Funds (POF) cash account in your personal or company name for credit/financial enhancement purposes.

Minimum amount is EUR/USD1M with MT799 or MT999. Lease fees vary from 4-6% for a 90-days term, depending on amount size and institution. Lower amounts may be considered but will not include MT799 or MT999 capability.

Leasing Rate is Only 3% for a 90-days term Hard Copy POF!

Client Deposits are 100% Protected with 2 Levels of Protection

We value our relationships with our clients so much that ALL CLIENT PAYMENT receive 2 Tiers of Protection which are:

  • Two Percent (2%) Non Performance Penalty
  • Payment Refund Protection Program (all of our agreement’s are bank endorsed before sending payment).
    • When a bank endorsed an agreement, the bank become responsible for all payment and guaranteed the full transaction.

The Deposit Refund Protection Program Guarantees clients Deposits are 100% Safe.

14 Massive Advantages when Buying a Leased Bank Guarantee from us!

  1. Program operated with POF from Rated and Non-Rated Banks
  2. POF are available in both USD or Euro Currencies, pay in USD we Issue in USD, Pay in Euro, we issue in Euro
  3. Low Leasing Rate of 4-6% +2% for 90-days term (Only 3% if is only Hard Copy)
  4. Complete Full Payment must be received after Bank Endorsed Agreement.
  5. MT799 or MT999 Pre advice Included with POF Delivery
  6. Your Payment are 100% Protected (all of our agreement’s are bank endorsed before paying).
  7. No Personal or Corporate Credit Checks
  8. No Project Documentation Required
  9. LOI Signed within 24 Hours of being completed and returned to us
  10. Simple Delivery of MT799 or MT999 direct to your Bank.
  11. Up to 2.5% Commission Paid to Brokers
  12. All POF are Fresh Cut specifically for each Client
  13. 2% Non-Performance Penalty in All agreements
  14. Your Deposit is 100% Protected, Provider Bank Endorsed the agreement ensuring the Clients payment.

Leased POF Full Payment is Required Before Delivery, or $250,000 initial deposit + a Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) ensuring the payment of the POF at the signing of the agreement and before the delivery of the POF (all payment by clients are made only after bank endorsement). 

  • 1M to 250M POF – 6% +2% 90-days term (Only 3% for Hard Copy POF).
  • 250 to to 500M POF 4% +2% 90-days term (Only 3% for Hard Copy POF).
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Estimated Completion Time:

  • The SWIFT MT799 or MT999 is Delivered Within ten (10) banking days after Confirmation of Payment is Received.



Brokers & Consultants:

  • Always 100% Protected & Respected
  • Healthy Commissions Paid
  • Be Direct to the Finance Source, NOT in a Broker Chain!



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Closing Process – SWIFT

    1. Provider and Beneficiary execute, sign and initiate this Letter of Intent / Memorandum of Understanding, which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract agreement.
    1. One Banking day the Provider Bank Endorsed this agreement ensuring the Beneficiaries payment for the:
    • Swift Transmission (MT799/MT999).
    • Beneficiary Verification.
    • Bank Delivery Coordinates Compliance Assessment.
    1. Beneficiary, within two (2) international banking days, instructs his Bank to send swift transmission for the full POF cost by wire transfer to the Providersprovided receiving bank coordinates, and emails a copy of the wire transfer receipt to the Provider or $250,000 initial deposit + a Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) ensuring the payment of the POF.
    1. Within three (3) banking days after the Providers Bank has received above bank swift transmission/portfolio reservation cost, Provider will instruct his issuing bank to cut the POF for the Beneficiary and schedule it delivery to the Beneficiaries Bank.
    1. Within ten (10) banking days Providers issuing bank then issues and sends a Preadvice Notification via swift MT799 to Beneficiaries designated bank receiving account. (Provider shall provide a copy of said MT799 to the Beneficiary by email).
    1. If The Beneficiaries ensured the payment with a BCL, then The Beneficiaries verifies and within Five (05) banking days, release payment minus initial deposit and pays out the 2% consultancy fees/commissions, as per the Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA).
    1. All subsequent tranches will be based on the same procedures until collateral or funds become exhausted.

Required Documents:

  1. Download the Bank Instrument Application Below
  2. Complete all pages of the Bank Instrument Application and email it to:

Compliance Standard:

  1. Accepted Standard: Clients that comply with our required Client Standards, accurately and correctly complete the Application.
  2. Rejected Standard:
  • Any Bank Instrument that is required to be delivered to a Provider on our Forbidden Assets and Financial Instrument Providers List.
  • Any Bank Instrument application where the client cannot or does not want to pay the required deposit or leasing fees.

Important Information:

  1. Our Bank Instruments delivery service is Non Negotiable. We do not change the terms, structure, delivery procedures or prices of this service.
  2. We no not offer FREE Bank Instruments or allow clients to pay for the Bank Instruments after the MT799 or MT999 has been received. If the Bank is not paid to send the Bank Instrument or Confirmation of Payment guaranteeing the full payment of the bank instrument via Bank-to-Bank, then no Bank Instrument will ever be sent or delivered. Banks simply do not work for FREE or on the hope that after they deliver a POF by MT799 or MT999 the client may pay them.


Download the Proof of Funds (POF) – Leased Application Here!