Financial Facilitators

What is a Financial Facilitators?

First of all a Financing Facilitator is not a broker.  There are many more nuances and actions taken by Facilitators than simply introducing someone to a potential investor and then stepping back without further involvement. A true facilitator will most likely be a seasoned business person who has spent thousands of hours in financing as well as putting together lists of true investment sources.  These lists have to be maintained and updated. Many lists cost thousands of dollars to obtain.  Some lists are not easily found or acquired and one list with 1800 contacts on it, in our possession, is not available to the general public. Over a ten year time span there is at least a 40% drop off rate of investment firms and individuals for a number of reasons such as retirement, mergers and change in business direction

We are only able to accommodate this important task after taking years in gathering good reputable investment firms and sophisticated investors. This has taken a tremendous amount of time and expense to accomplish. Our real advantage to people seeking project funding is that we have already weeded out most of the frauds and financial reprobates. One real benefit, as a result, is that we save you time and when you need money time is perhaps the biggest obstacle.

We are not emotionally attached to your project and thus can give you a logical and unbiased opinion as how to proceed to raising capital for your company / project. Many times we can find out the hidden objections that investors may have, which you could not normally find out without an intermediary acting on your behalf.

WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE ON YOUR BEHALF, but we do have a vested interest in getting your investment so we will provide whatever advice to prompt a closing. This is MOST important because we can introduce you to a good number of investors only to have it fall apart at negotiation. It is very common for both parties to get bogged down when they are preparing the final terms.

There have been innumerable instances where we were working on behalf of customers in the past where they stalled the process or gave false and useless information about their projects, after we were well into the funding acquisition process. The resultant effect was that there was a total loss for our efforts with no remuneration or recourse. We do our best to avoid clients of this nature and work to the extent possible with serious and dedicated business people who are interested in advancing their business objectives. This results in increased chances of accessing funding and ensures that we are compensated for our efforts.

When it comes to seeking capital for our project or business, you are up against stiff competition today and you will need all the experience and help you can afford to hire to make it happen in a reasonable period of time.

The reality for everyone is that it COSTS MONEY TO MAKE MONEY ….. one example is that more funders are getting like the banks and charging for completing funding applications.

Our business model, in the main does not charge any up-front fees. In many cases we are dealing with what are now termed hard money deals, and while they may be innovative and adventurous they are harder to finance than ever before. In essence, you hire us to be a sub-contract team that works to get your funding and although we do not guarantee that we will be successful your cost to have our expertise work, if we are successful, is extremely reasonable.