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”Man Global Investments Ltd” is involved in providing of several types of financial instruments to clients in need of recourse collateral, non-recourse collateral or credit-enhancement. We can arrange issuance of financial instruments on behalf of our Client from Major North American, European and international bank.

We attract this through our Partners, Private US and International Banking Institutions and Investment Bankers.
“Man Global Investments Ltd” provides following financial instruments are widely used in international practice:



Private Lender4Bank Instruments

Man Global Investments Ltd is one of the leading private providers of bank instruments services for both institutional and individual clients for decades. Many banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and special purpose lenders are suffering during these times of economic stress and fractured business models. Most people do not know about Bank instruments like MTN’s, Bank Guarantees (BG’s), Corporate Bonds, SBLC’s or other Bank instruments. All they know is that in the arena of project financing it is getting harder to get a deal funded!


For those reasons… It makes sense to look at alternative forms of funding.

Bank instruments are debt instruments created by large banks and institutions which have high interest rates, and strong value to the holder. The more common bank instruments are Bank Guarantees (BG’s), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), and Medium Term Notes (MTN’s), and they are issued by European banks mostly. Since it is very hard to attain the funds to purchase an instrument in full, many choose to utilize leased bank instruments.

Leasing Instruments is great for this and many others reasons, and has become popular over the recent years. Many clients lease bank instruments to get into private placement programs, secure funding for large real estate transactions, commodities and petroleum, and many other unique funding scenarios.

The vital part is that bank instrument leasing makes it possible to use a small amount of capital to attain a large amount of capital for a period of time. If you have the right opportunity, leased bank instruments can be a perfect fit to get you off the ground


Even though this might not be a good introduction, let’s be honest: LEASING usually is a frustrating field to work in. WHY? Because clients need the instruments but usually they do not have what is needed to get them.

Clients/Applicants need Bank Instruments to be used as collateral or to enhance credit facilities but only fully cash backed instruments may achieve that. There are 2 (two) kinds of sources to lease from:


We are direct providers of freshly cut bank instruments like BG’s (Bank Guarantee), MTN’s (Medium Term Note), SBLC’s (Standby Letter of Credit) & DPLC’s (Direct Pay Letter of Credit) CD’s (Certificate of Deposit), and just about every other type of instruments available through our banking network.

Unlike traditional letter of credit, a bank instruments is where the beneficiary obtains payment against papers demonstrating delivery, the SBLC may allow a beneficiary to obtain payment from a financial institution even when the applier for the credit has neglected to perform as per bond.

A key principle to remember with the instrument is banks deal only in documents or goods and do not involve themselves in the commitments and contracts between the two parties directly. The concern of the issuing bank is the terms and conditions of the letter of credit itself. The decision to pay by a Bank Instrument is based entirely on whether the documents submitted to the bank appear on their face to comply with the terms of LC bank instruments.

Bank Guarantee (BG) in US$ or Euros
Certificate of Time Deposit (CD) in US$ or Euros
Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) in US$ or Euros
Medium Term Notes (MTN’s) in US$ or Euros
Treasury Bills (T-Bill) in US$ or Euros
Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC, SLC, LC) in US$ or Euros
Promissory Notes in US$ or Euros
Discounting of Bank Instruments


We also provide help client in need of Proof of funds (POF) and Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL) for various commodity trade such as crude oil, oil & gas servicing equipment’s, steel, and precious stones etc… Also these services are acceptable in some organizations and countries for import and export trade in opening credit lines with suppliers or manufacturers.


Import/Export Trade
Collateral for Project Finance
Purchase Bank Instrument (Bank Debentures)
Other Credit Enhancement: Purchase REO Pool/Real Estate/Businesses & Companies


Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
Cash Accounts
Bank Guarantee (BG)


Issued by World Top 100 Banks

International Banks: Europe, United States & Asia


Minimum $10M account size up to $500M per tranche
Month to month account service or 12 months with extensions


Bank Guarantees (BG) is negotiable financial debt bank instruments made by a guarantor bank on behalf of the applicant to mitigate risk on behalf of the beneficiary party. It may be used to assist in trade finance, international trade, domestic trade, and various other types of contracts where the backdrop of a vetting third-party (the issuing bank) could be used.

When a bank issues a Letter of Guarantee to a beneficiary bank it looks at the credit worthiness of the applicant, not the transaction at large. Thus the ability to acquire bank instruments like a BG is largely based on the relationship the bank has with its client.

The BG is very similar to that of a LC in that it guarantees payment on behalf of its client to the beneficiary. However, a BG is usually used in the event there is default. If for instance, a purchaser of goods issues a BG to the seller of goods and if after delivery, payments were not made for some or the entire contracted amount, these bank instruments acts like a draft or check allowing the Beneficiary to cash it in.

Cash Accounts and Instruments to be monetized
Man Global Investments Ltd works with providers who will establish a Cash Account or instruments in the client’s name in a top 100 bank to be used for monetizing and trade purposes on behalf of the Client and CCG as a Joint Venture.

Client will put up a small fee to cover swifts only after the agreement is bank endorse, and depending on the size of the instrument or cash account the fees are from $250k -$2 million.

The Instrument or Cash Account POF (Proof of Funds) and all compliance documents (see monetization) will then be handed over to monetize and trade group to start the process of funds for Client’s projects.

Our procedures and forms to apply for bank instruments are available upon request; please click here to Contact us

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